How to gain weight naturally?

April 20 , 2021
How to gain weight naturally? Written By :- Jitendra

Several factors may lead to underweight, such as long illness, nutritional deficiencies, and family genetics. Although most of the health issues are indeed caused due to obesity, being underweight can also result in health problems such as Anemia, Osteoporosis, Hypothermia, weak immune system and many others. For instance, if your Body Mass Index is below 18.5, you will be considered underweight and suffer from any of these diseases. 

If you are thin, you may be looking for the best guide to gain weight. While losing weight is difficult, similarly gaining weight is also no cakewalk. The vital part of gaining weight is to consume more calories than the amount you burn. It would be helpful to eat more protein and fat riched food, adding high-calorie snacks in your daily meals if you eat five to six times a day. 

To begin with, you can increase the calorie intake to around 300 to 500 or more per day if you want to gain weight. Moreover, you can add certain food to your diet and weight gain healthily and more effectively. Here are five foods that you can eat to gain weight naturally. 


5 healthy foods that can help you to gain weight;


Milk: You can add protein to your weight gain diet by drinking milk. Many people use the milk as a weight gainer and muscle builder. Milk is a rich source of fats, carbohydrates, and calcium. In many studies, it has been proved that milk is an excellent protein source that provides both casein and whey proteins for those trying to add more muscle. With weightlifting if you drink milk it would help you to gain muscles. Try drinking two glasses of milk in a day further; you can make a delicious smoothie with milk and whey proteins. 


Rice: Regularly eating rice is another required food for gaining weight quickly. The one thing that you have to keep in mind in the pursuit of losing weight is that you don’t have to change your daily diet drastically. You have to take more calories than you consume, and there is no better food than rice for high calories. Rice is a calorie-dense food, and a cup of rice contains around 200 calories; and it is also a good source of carbohydrates, contributing to weight gain. If you don’t like the taste of rice, you can have it with different curries and veggies high in protein. 


Dried fruits and nuts: Having two or three dried fruit every day would give you an extra energy boost. You try dried fruits such as berries, apricots, apples, cranberries, and even tropical fruits. Most of these dried fruits contain various antioxidants, proteins, micronutrients and calories. For instance, if you eat one cup of raisins, you would get 400 calories compared to a full cup of fresh grapes, about 60 calories. Further, you can also eat peanut butter, olives, avocado, salad dressings, mayonnaise, high-fat cheeses etc.

Red Meats: For gaining weight fast and building muscles, red meat is probably the best food. It is an excellent source of natural protein, and it has fatty properties. More importantly, red meats have leucine and creatine, which are essential for boosting your muscles. Both lean and fatty types of meat are rich in protein. However, with the fattier meat you will get more calories along with protein. Most red meats contain both protein and fat, which promote weight gain and the leaner cuts of red meat, are healthier for the heart than fattier cuts. You can eat red meats, pork, chicken with skin, salmon or other oily fish, beans, whole milk, eggs, cheese, full-fat yogurt.

Eat healthy cereals: You can gain weight by eating healthy cereals rich in carbs, nutrients, fibers, and high calories. Further, many kinds of cereal are fortified with vitamins and minerals. For your weight gain diet, you should avoid high-sugar cereals and only eat whole grains such as nuts, dried fruits, chia seeds, fresh berries as they contain carbohydrates and calories. Additionally they have nutrients such as fiber and antioxidants. But take cereals only in breakfast and that too in a limit because a high intake of refined calories may cause diabetes and some other diseases. 


By consistently eating all the food, you can increase the calorie intake and gain weight. There are many success stories behind weight loss, but weight gaining is often considered a non-issue. If you are not gaining weight despite consistent weight lifting, add all these foods to your diet. We hope this blog will help you to gain weight safely and efficiently. However, there is also a caveat for you don’t eat junk food as eating junk food, chips, snacks, high-sugar drinks, and candies; if you do, it may spoil your weight gain efforts.