5 Tips for the best nighttime skincare routine

April 25 , 2021
5 Tips for the best nighttime skincare routine Written By :- Jitendra

If you want glowing skin, then it is mega important that you follow the night skincare routine. It has been a huge misconception that there is no need to do anything on the face before going to bed and let it be free. However, in the past few years, the new term "beauty sleep" has become popular.

The products you use as part of your daily skincare routine hydrate and protect your skin from UV rays and humidity in the environment; similarly, with your nighttime skincare routine, you can repair skin cells to ensure quicker healing. If you follow a skincare routine at night, it will relax and pamper your skin. 

When we sleep, each part of it is in work mode. Most of the regeneration and renewal processes occur at night; therefore, you should follow the best nighttime skincare routine. Here are some of the simple yet effective steps that you should follow as part of your night skincare routine for glowing skin: 

Remove Makeup:

If you are used to sleeping at night without removing your makeup, then you may wake up with skin that looks dull and lacklustre. Hence taking off make should be an essential part of your night skincare routine. If you apply makeup regularly on your face, removing it is a must for you before you sleep. Moreover, washing the face with a cleanser or water is not enough. So you should use makeup remover such as Micellar water that will not dry out your skin further. 

Use a remover:

The other important element of the night skincare routine is proper cleaning. You can apply any cleaner suitable for your skin type. Once you take off makeup from your face, then you should also get rid of all the dirt or excess oil on your skin using a cleanser. Further, you should also clean your palm and massage your skin and use cleaner on the T-zone. Regardless of your skin type, always use a gentle cleanser that will not strip skin of pure oil and interrupt your skin's microbiome is necessary. But you should avoid intense water temperatures for face cleaning, as it may dry skin out and allow it to look dull and dead.



Serums and spot remedies are focused formulas created to tackle one specific area of your skin, like wrinkles or acne. You should apply it right after toning skin. Based on your skin's demands, you may select between flaking, brightening and hydrating or many other varieties of serums. The best method to employ serum on the facial skin is gentle patting moves, which guarantees better absorption. Serums are the most powerful and customizable step in your night skincare steps and, depending on what issues you're having with your complexion, would determine which product you need.


Moisturizing skin is essential since it provides skin with the required nourishment and helps repair the scratches. Opt for a night cream that contains lactic acid, which allows the skin to maintain moisture and nourishes it with no blocking pores. Additionally, it also keeps you hydrated by removing dryness. And after applying, you would feel the softness in your skin. You can take any regular moisturizer and use it for the night time skincare routine. Further, while applying the moisturizer on your face, skin, also cover your palms and neck area. 

Use A Humidifier:

In your nighttime skin routine, you can add a humidifier and something to keep your body hydrated, such as sticking with a Vitamin C or antioxidant-rich option during the day. If you reside in a dry or humid climate, it may strip your skin moisture as you sleep. You can use a humidifier in the room so the air is not too dry. By drinking enough water, you can keep your body hydrated throughout the day, and also skin stays moisturized. 


To sum up, by following a night-skin care routine, you will have to make some extra time investment in your skin, but undoubtedly, it would bring the best results. If you follow all the skincare measures mentioned in this blog, you will get a youthful complexion later in your life and maintain natural beauty. Ensure that you wait for a minute before continuing to another step on your night skincare routine. Moreover, at Health Mentors, you can get some more pro tips to get glowing skin.